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Archive for July, 2010

Trashy and sweet

Stereolab… a must

papa, maman, mes fres et moi
oulions des jours
tantot tranquilles, tant agit
d”une vie familliale bien banale

le facteur les jours de semaine
glissait le courrier dans la boite
ce matin l mon pe fut ble
mais qu”avait-il dans les mains?

l”enveloppe marron en-te
de l”administration d”at
avait pour horrible reque
de recruter des soldats.

on me convoque dans cette lettre
pour aller rependre la paix
on me dit que tout l”arsenal
est sorti cet effet.

au nom de, l”humanitnous supprimerons des milliers
de familles afin de
les proter contre eux-mes
Three Longers Later

Daddy, Momma, my brothers and me
living the days
sometimes quiet
sometimes excited
one common family”s existence

the postman on weekdays
placed the mail in the box
this morning- my father is red
but what does he have in his hands?

the brown envelope concieved
by the state administration
had made for this horrible request:
to recruit sodiers

they told me that the letter was
to go out and bring peace
the told me all the weapons
were going for that effect

In the name of the humanity
we”ll suppress thousands
of families in order to
protect them against themselves.

five cities

Bas Princen
This is real, a cooling plant in Dubai. More here.