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Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese Rambo

– Rambo, the war is over!
– My war is never over.

Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda is a former Japanese officer who fought in World War II, and did not surrender until 1974, having spent almost thirty years holding out in the Philippines.

He kept fighting the locals and performing sabotage actions such as burning their crop. Every attempt to tell him that the war was over failed, as he believed all news to be enemy propaganda. He surrendered only after the Japanese government located his former commanding officer, who had since become a bookseller, and sent him personally to visit Onoda in the jungle.

After his return, he was reportedly troubled by what he saw as the withering of traditional Japanese virtues and emigrated to Brazil.

Koro 2

With music everything is better, The Divine Comedy – A Lady Of Certain Age

John Rydgren

The legacy of John Rydgren (deceased) is one of the most enigmatic in radio-jock if not also record history. A lutheran evangelist, Rydgren started a hit program called “Silhouettes,” in which he rapped over such appealing tunes as “Music to Watch Girls By,” “Groovin’,” “Rinky Dink,” the Electric Prunes’ “Kyrie Eleison,” and occasionally less obvious pieces such as “Dark Side of the Flower” (with sitar). As with Ken Nordine, his thoughts were highly original, ranging from quirky perceptions of the mundane to deep acid-head philosophy. Sexy and startling, “Silhouettes” were as weird as anything heard from a pulpit or transistor radio.

Pastor John pitched his rants to the Hippie Freaks (many of whom would become Jesus Freaks) entirely on the hippies’ own terms. Mentioned frequently are drugs (LSD, mushrooms, pot), mini-skirts, and other signifiers of the era. References to God but usually these are plentiful but philosphical and intriguing. Such evangelical pills were supposed to slip subtley through the sugar coating of everyone’s favorite psychedelic ’60s hits. It worked.

Distributed free to radio stations, Silhouette Segments never was commercially released because of licensing difficulties. It remains an obscure and treasured memento of the radio program. The LP was given heavy airplay in Vietnam, however. Questioning life’s meta assumptions within a reassuring pop context, it was a natural for soldiers. And for everyone its juxtaposition of the antipodies of hip and square continue to blow minds. Taken from here

A time ago we talked about Koro and Vagina Dentata now a cutting edge industrial designer take a step forward in the fight against crime. Ladies and Gentleman with you Rape-aXe anti rape condom

Dynamical principles

Zizek FoSho

Esther Duflo

Humor segun Microsoft

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