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ambi pur

That’s crazy. Eau de toilette.


Non-exist Nations Folklore

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More amazing bands coming from ńĆesko. If you missed it, see also this!

vacuum power

another reason to love analogue effects even more

‘Turn me Well’ – Micachu and the Shapes @ Durrr (London)

Mit Herz und Mund

aTaken from

Microserfs (Douglas Coupland)

A good friend gave me this book a bit over a year ago. It has been raining for three days in Buenos Aires. It is a great thing to remember good friends on rainy days.

“The day degenerated into a a “Thousand Dollar Day”. That’s what I call the kind of day where, even if you tell all the people you know “I’ll give you a crisp, new thousand-dollar bill if you just give a call and put me out of my misery” even still, nobody phones”