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The Angst
Fear is accumulative, your biggest enemy, whispering you all the time….
This morning listening to a lecture about Human emotions I realised how hard is sometimes to get used to this “american way” of lectures and being so enthusiasic and charming about almost everything you are saying. At the beginning this enthusiasm is easily transmited but after a while is a bit exhausting… perhaps that’s why I’m also scared about stand up commedy….


Koro means “head of the turtle” in Malay and that’s how penis-panics is called in southeast Asia. Koro most commonly describes the extreme fear that the penis is retracting into the body, including the idea that such retraction will bring about death. Which is not so far from the Vagina dentata fear that might look at first sight like something funny and primitive but you know is not. The symbolism associated with fears change with time, it update, but the fear is the same. During World War II-era venereal disease prevention poster wanted to protect their soldiers. I love you and my fear is so big that I want to share it with you, so we all live in the same warm space my love and feel more confortable together and eat what I cooked for you…

Drawn by editorial cartoonist C.D. Batchelor for the American Social Hygiene Association. Otis Historical Archives/National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington, D.C.


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