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In love with Česko – part 1

Cikada from vobezdud

Some years ago science took me accidentally to a small town in Czech Republic called Třešť. There I felt something.. and now is when this story turns a bit methaphysic and real… this place was so far (in every sense) from the place I come from in Argentina, but so near to my sensitivity and somehow the silent facial expression of the people completely capture me…. and that feeling of gratitude with life growed on me… and opened me
Later on I went to Prague and I crossed ways with some fascinating people and families, there I finally fell in love with them, and slowly incredible places where shown to me like Skutecnost and the crazy and fresh people around it.
Then I also discovered some of the amazing music that the people is doing there. There used to be an incredible group called UNDO. As they describe “The band UNDO does hand crafted disco. UNDO plays live, where others program….but UNDO no longer exists. Its members follow their own projects Sucha dlan hladi lan, Ventolin, Cassete.
A wonderful song of UNDO
Later another amazing band was shown to me, Vobezdud… and they are still playing so I may have the opportunity to see them alive. You can download and listen to some of their songs here. As they say “Originally played in band five girls:3 violins,accordion and voices.Nevertheless the structures of members has been changing in during a time until today:2 violins, accordion, trumpet, bass guitar, drums, voices and mouth harp…..And what is the most important information about us? We like a horses!”

Myself, I hope to continue this serie of love


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  1. Thank you for sharing the information. I found the info really helpful.

    May 17, 2010 at 3:59 am

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