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First I kiss your fingertips

Today, we’ll go back in time a little bit. It’s 1995 and I’m 21 years old. I use to work and DJ at a student’s union club in Uppsala, which Anders Zaine, who’s writing his concert memoirs of the time here (uhm, swedish), had transformed into one of the most important indie scenes in Sweden. Most bands that played there have been buried and forgotten, let’s face it, deservedly. But a few of the bands were brilliant and a handful made it big. The best of them all, “Honey is cool”, played two or three times. I remember an afterparty with them in the warm, smoky cellar pub. The singer, Karin Dreijer, had a shy but open personality, and had to sit and listen to my friend who, for the evening, pretended to be icelandic. She went on to become an international indie star with The Knife, but we’ll catch her here at an earlier stage. Here’s ‘Twinkle’ with Honey is cool:

And here’s ‘Waiting for a friend’

Oh I forgot to tell you something… Music will save you. Music will save us all.


One response

  1. Anders Zaine

    They were really something.

    August 22, 2009 at 10:05 am

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