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Un beso gigante y una canción,



Don’t let poets lie to you


saturday morning

Meanwhile,  the coffee maker was telling me that I was ready to hold on [again].

Friday evening minimal work

One more chance to drink, dance, drink, shout, shout again, dance, smoke, get wasted, induce vomit and then mmm… sleep 🙂

take it!

A Paw In My Face



Cycle with it!

Cycle it!

Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty. The new saddle I put on my bike this morning. A Brooks.

The Beast. The guy who rides the bike.

beauty on the bike

beauty on the bike

Judgment day cometh, …

… but we are not afraid: we shall prevail in the final war against the machines.

Watch for a while, then skip to around 4:30, lean back and enjoy. Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage!

Story of a night, not so long ago…

Porn, kind of. Who needs words, anyway?

The Shangri-Las – Then He Kissed Me

Sebastian Rozenberg – Samlade verk

made by sebastian rozenberg

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